Natalia Forrest: Cryptography

This was our fifth shoot together and the fourth collaboration at Natalia’s home. During a previous visit, a guided tour of the cellar (hence ‘crypt’) generated the ideas for this shoot. The rough brick was a stark contrast to Natalia’s smooth, tanned skin and by opting for a more sinister tone when editing we attempted to portray an eerie atmosphere of incarceration. Using just a single studio light, I think we succeeded. We then shot some boudoir erotica and and played out the finale in the bathroom, last visited during a beautiful maternity shoot. In the end, it was a very rewarding couple of hours in which a different vision of the highly versatile Natalia was created.


Rosa Brighid and Grace Fae

On two previous occasions have I come close to working with Rosa Brighid, neither came to fruition. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to photograph not only Rosa at Sandon Studio, but also her twin sister Grace. The opportunity was all too good to miss and for one hour only I photographed the Gemini Twins in natural light. I had thought of some outdoor work, but a distinct September chill was in the air and I decided to be kind by giving them chocolates and by shooting indoors. The ladies worked to art nude, with and without boxing gloves, posed at the piano and on the grand settee situated on one of the many landings in this fine mansion house. A productive shoot it proved to be and a beautiful introduction to these model sisters.


Elle J

This was our first shoot together and marks the culmination of a few days of negotiation regarding location and style. We had never met, but I became interested in working with Elle after reading her professional profile, I found that I liked her work and noticed she lived nearby, a rather nice coincidence. Given that I am enjoying home shoots more and more these days, we decided on an ambient light shoot at her home. Her lounge has a beautiful bay window where we were able to shoot to full-length art nude against a backdrop of voile, while seated and reclining shapes were captured on her generous sofa located in soft daylight. We moved upstairs to the guest bedroom for a rare incursion in to lingerie and finished with boudoir poses against neutral walls. Elle J is a gem of a model, we had a great rapport, we discussed ideas for our next shoot and on leaving I felt we had captured something good.


Melissa Tongue: Pretty in Pink

This was my third collaboration with Melissa, shot partly indoors in ambient light followed by a garden shoot, a first for us both. Liaising prior to the shoot, we decided to incorporate a variety of props to include strawberries, sweets, the infamous bow, a sword and a gorgeous crushed velvet dress – hence the title. It proved a very relaxing shoot as we worked through our ideas with Melissa effortlessly enhancing poses and effectively exploiting backdrops. As before, Melissa was on top form and this highly creative shoot produced a particularly eclectic set of beautiful images.

Scarlot Rose: Captured at Curbar

Almost a year had passed since we last worked together on location in Derbyshire and this, our third collaboration, essentially carried on from where we left off, only this time we started on the crags of Curbar before ending our shoot at Grindleford. Beginning with art nude, graduating to archery and throwing in the Grim Reaper for good measure was the nature of the shoot and the weather was well and truly with us. The hazy morning sun served to enhance the tones of Scarlot’s to-die-for physique while highlighting her wig and blessing her with a halo of flame. It was a glorious morning spent capturing beautiful images of a beautiful model wearing a stunning white dress. Little did I know that our next shoot would be only ten days hence.


Honour May

This was only the second time we had met, but our first shoot together. A brief chat as a result of a chance encounter at a studio paved the way for the beautiful home shoot that was to follow. We shot in available light in Honour’s boudoir, on the landing, in the lounge and in her conservatory where the light was bright, but diffuse and produced a soft, natural tone to her skin. We couldn’t let the session go without a few tried and trusted props, so no apology for using the ‘mask and machete’ approach to boudoir photography infused with Honour’s very own posing style. The two hours was altogether too short, but the results were an eclectic blend of the erotic and the sinister. Until the next time…..