Miss Rose: Au Naturel in Derbyshire

We last worked together on a studio shoot in early 2013, but it was worth the wait. We decided to get together for an outdoor shoot in the picturesque county of Derbyshire one sunny morning in early July. Opting for a three hour morning shoot we took in a woodland area, two rocky locations and finished with a brief lakeside shoot around noon. Blessed with natural beauty, Miss Rose’s pale, flawless skin contrasted starkly with the textures of rocks and trees while the weather provided a bright and sunny backdrop to our secluded locations. What we captured on that perfect Sunday morning was a series of beautiful art nude images in between sipping tea and chatting about art and Japan.





Joceline at Barlow Studio


Working with Joceline is always a creative and relaxed occasion and this, our fifth collaboration and our second at Barlow, was no exception. I had in mind a yellow skirt and a simple pony tail and as usual Joceline rose to the occasion as we shot against stone walls and a piano, while chatting about why she often hangs out with physicists! Shifting in to the cove we explored various poses with a large, red ball and the final frames were of Joceline throwing her skirt every which way. What more can you ask from such a professional model?

Amy Rose: Primary Colours


This shoot was another memorable performance by model Amy Rose at the Barlow Studio in Chesterfield. We ventured outside the comfort zone of the infinity cove for part of the time and Amy worked with a white upright piano while wearing strong primary colours against a stone wall backdrop. Amy’s advice on camera settings proved invaluable and we were more than chuffed with the quality of our images. As before, Amy was at her professional best on this our fourth collaboration.

Carla Monaco


Meeting and working with Carla for the first time was a delightful prospect and her professional and effortless posing style made it a very relaxed and rewarding shoot. Currently residing in Spain, Carla often returns to the UK, so catch up with her when you can for what can only be described at a beautiful photographic experience.

Rebecca Leah


This was the first time that Rebecca and I had worked together and we hit it off right from the start. Her modelling style is refreshingly inspirational and the poses flowed thick and fast. Throughout the conversation was light, bright and breezy and our couple of hours was over all too quickly. Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with Rebecca, you will end up with so many good images that you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to editing!